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Superior Pool Equipment Repairs in Myrtle Beach, SC

Osborne's Pool Leak Detection offers the best pool equipment repair in Myrtle Beach, SC. We also provide the following services— pool pumps, salt chlorinators, and sand and cartridge filters. Leaks located around pool piping, automation of pool equipment.

Targeted Pool Repairs

When the summer is fast approaching and busy with the springtime's increased activity, you need a proven group of technicians that can identify potential problems and deliver solutions. Postponing these repairs in the hopes of making it through another swimming season could lead to a failure when you are least prepared.

After a quarter-century in this business, we've seen just about every type of pool pump and water filter on the market today. Our technicians have repaired models from the major manufacturers that pool contractors are installing today. Whether you have an old pool pump or a newer salt chlorinator, we have the solutions you need.

Protecting your Pool and so Much More

Choose the group capable of identifying pool leaks and enhancing the efficiency of your pumps. We offer a comprehensive approach that takes the guesswork out of caring for a pool. The health of your family and guests is a primary focus of our efforts.

Please send us a picture of the existing equipment at your pool to give us a basic understanding of the challenges you face. We'll provide you with an initial evaluation and an opportunity to schedule an on-site inspection. Our team can recommend additional services once the repair has been completed.

We like to encourage our customers to send us pictures of their pump stations or have an onsite consultation to inspect and document the types of pool equipment that is being used, why is this important. We believe this information is crucial to have, so when there is a problem with a pump station, we are able to have the correct parts with us when we come out to provide pool equipment repairs. This will get your pool up and running faster, and there is less chance of losing the use of the pool in the summertime from algae blooms.

When sending pictures, we will need a general picture of the pump station and model numbers of the equipment.  

Reliable pool equipment repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Pricing

  • $125.00 for the first hour of service time
  • $85.00 an hour for additional service time

Travel time is billed into the cost of the service call.

All parts are billed additionally, we require a credit card prior to starting or a homeowner must be present to pay for services when complete

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