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Our weekly pool service in Florence, SC, will help keep your pool clean and safe.

Weekly Pool Service Includes the Following

Blow Pool Deck Off, Vacuum Pool, Leaf Net Pool, Empty Skimmers, Balance Water, Adjust Chemicals As needed, Back Wash Sand Filters When Needed

We take great pride in providing professional pool service in Florence, SC. Maintaining proper water chemistry is so important to your safety that we use a digital testing system to ensure you do not get sick while swimming.

Shock Alert


Shock Alert® is a device used to detect the presence of electrical voltage gradients in water that may be hazardous to a swimmer or a person coming into contact with that body of water. Electrical voltage could be the result of a number of things, including faulty electrical connection, frayed wire or improperly grounded wire on a light, boat, fountain, pump, dock, etc. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) and other electrical safety equipment can become impaired or fail and may not protect against electricity present in water.

When a swimmer is in or enters into electrified water, the electricity present will typically take the path of least electrical resistance - through the swimmer’s body. If the voltage differential is sufficiently high, the current flowing through the swimmer’s body can electrocute the swimmer and could result in temporary paralysis and the inability to swim. Shock Alert has three probes on the base of the device designed to detect this potentially dangerous voltage gradient(s) in water. It provides a visual and audible alert to the existence of potentially hazardous voltage conditions in the body of water. Shock Alert can be used in fresh or chlorinated water. It may also be used in salt water pools. Shock Alert will detect voltage gradients in concrete, gunite, and vinyl lined pools. DUE TO THE INSULATING EFFECTS, SHOCK ALERT IS NOT FOR USE IN FIBERGLASS POOLS.

PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK DROWNING Upgrade your pool or dock to current electrical code requirements Have pools or docks inspected Leave all the electrical work to the professionals Never swim in or near a marina Use Shock Alert in all bodies of water before entry.

We now inspect your pool with Shock Alert while conducting any leak detection.

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