The First Choice for Leak Detection

Comprehensive Pool Leak Testing & Pool Repair in Florence, SC

Offering pool leak testing and pool repair in Florence, SC

Osborne's Pool Leak Detection is the first choice for pool leak testing and pool repair in Florence, SC. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we listen for, locate, and patch underwater and under-deck leaks. This service is essential if you refill your pool every week, especially when you notice your pool losing more than a quarter of an inch of water.

Prior to Preforming a Leak Detection

The pool water needs to be clear, and the water level should be at a normal operating level. Water levels should be at a level, halfway up the skimmer throat.

Trusted Method

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find pool leak detection near me,” look no further. The Osborne team uses the latest listening devices to find pin-sized leaks in your pool. The Leaktronic lets us track the smallest water flows. We pressure test lines and use microphones to listen to the water flowing through your pipes.

Contact us today for pool leak testing when your pool's water level is looking low.